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Review of Dewalt DWT75049 Mechanics Tool Set

This toolset has it all! Built for heavy-duty work, this Dewalt product gives serious amateurs as well as professionals a variety and range that is unbeatable.

With 192 pieces, this kit aims to be the one-stop-shop for all mechanics. It holds six-point sockets in every size imaginable, universal joints, increasing adapters, reducing adapters, spark plug socket, hex bit socket, extensions, hex key set, and many more indispensable tools.

The toolset also comes in a hardshell carrying case that weighs a total of 39.2 pounds. It is ideal to keep in a shop or garage and pull out for some of your more serious projects.



+ Sockets and wrenches in all sizes, giving mechanics and enthusiasts a reason to rejoice.

+ All six-point sockets hold screws exceptionally well, which means users can get the job done without frustration.

+ The non-slip grip texture of the tools allows long hours of heavy use without worrying about sweaty hands or needing to exert excess pressure.

+ laser etched markings on the tools that help you identify the right bit in a hurry.

+ All tools made to be used in constricted spaces, with narrow arcs and sleek heads.

+ The case has been built to hold all the sockets, bits, and other parts securely.

+ Dewalt provides the lifetime warranty for the product.


The case is quite heavy at nearly 40 pounds, so it can’t be easily moved around.

Most mechanics will likely never need all the extra bits that have been packed in this toolset. It is extra weight without really much-added value.

The Dewalt DWT75049 Mechanics is a toolkit that answers all prayers for a proper set of sockets and ratchets in one place. It has a diverse range that makes it unnecessary for users to go looking for missing sizes to complete their set. The kit is complete in itself.

Added to this the quality of the case and the tools inside. This is a product that can last a lifetime even with regular use. Desalt’s lifetime warranty shows exactly how confident they are of their toolkit.

However, the most important tools in this set are the sockets, which come in very useful sizes. Besides the sockets, the toolkit also comes with a lot of extra paraphernalia in the form of wrenches, bits, and adapters, most of which are unnecessary for advanced users who already own their preferred brands.

So, these add extra weight to the already heavy molded carrying case, which makes it impossible for this set to be used regularly as a
handy toolkit.

And finally, while the price is reasonable for the wide range of tools included in the kit, it isn’t worth the investment for relatively casual users.


Hard-core mechanics looking for a durable, diverse set of sockets should definitely buy this toolkit. However, more casual users might want to give this a pass, since they wouldn’t require the range of tools this set provides, nor would they like to haul around its heavy weight, it’s also listed as one of the best tool sets available on the market right now on MechanicToolSet.reviews

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